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Introduction to our company

Caspian Group of Companies, with a record of half a century, is considered as one of the main suppliers of different raw materials to various industries in the Middle East and CIS regions. To respond to our clients' requirements for high quality products and services, we represent many international suppliers and German manufacturers.

Relying on our long international experience, understanding the requirements of our clients, concise study and recognition of the markets and being responsible towards our clients, we have been recognized as one of the most capable suppliers of raw materials in the region. Caspian Europe GmbH has also been cooperating with Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan industries, by performing continous surveys in different areas and with scientific, technical and marketing objectives. Also we have been able to promote the export products in the chemical and petrochemical sector.

Caspian group of companies total turnover approx. 190 Mio. USD
Number of employees: 147

Below is our office address in Germany.

Caspian Europe GmbH
Benderstraße 100
D-40625 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (211) 9174590
Fax: +49 (211) 9174592
Mail: t@caspianeurope.de

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